K2 Web Editor

Heh, as some of you may have read in other posts I am slowly writing a sort of web page editor for the kudos game files. Well I have a basic setup going, even adding a couple of different style HowTo’s. Currently theres no means to save anything to the site ie: user contributed mods etc, but that might come in the near future.

Anyway, the reason I am telling you all this now is that a bit of user feedback would be welcome, as obviously things that seem obvious to me mightn’t be to others. I have also done an asset/solo activity howto and a Restaurant HowTo that includes the full setup for a set of Australian Restaurants and menus, social event, interest and strings. I wouldn’t mind a few people having a go at the Restaurant Howto to see if it works ok for them, and tell me things I missed. The end product seems to work fine in the game.

Most of the site is merely to edit existing entries in the game, but that process means it can be used to create new ones for you (by editing), it just doesn’t save what you create - merely sends it to you.

For those that want to have a look its at ricta.net/kudos2/index.php Its primitive, nothing fancy and might be a little slow as its private hosted. Oh and make sure that index.php stays on the end of the url or you will get a blank page.

This is absolutely awesome. Great work!

Feedback from a fellow web dev (disclaimer: I just messed around with the site for a minute, didn’t actually try to use it to create a mod, didn’t read through the how-tos, etc., so this is mostly just first thoughts and more general technical/structural questions):

First off, major kudos (pun intended) for taking the initiative and writing this. I toyed with the idea for a while, but in the end I was too lazy to move forward.

Now on to my first gripe - the layout is pretty messy/confusing. I hope you streamline it once the project is closer to “finished” (as much as web projects ever are). Both the front page (where a long list of how-tos comes before all the functional pages, which are under the header “The Files” which might make them seem like mere reference guides) and the new entry page - I’m a little confused as to whether it edits existing entries, creates a new one or if there are ways to do both.

How is the PHP structured? Is it pulling the default data from a database? A flat file? Do you have a back-end interface to upload newly patched simulation files or do you do that manually? It seems like the ideal way to produce the finished editor would be to give the user an option to load his/her current simulation files or to use the most recent defaults, which would be stored serverside. If you write the code to parse all the various files and upload them to a DB, it would be trivial to set up an admin feature to update the default files. That would be a useful backup as well for people who messed up their files somehow - just start with a fresh unmodded copy, or start over with your mod attempt, by loading the default files. The load option would also be handy for people who have already tweaked some files, or if for whatever reason you stop updating the editor but it’s still up, so people could load newer versions of the defaults.

If the underlying code is written with a decent MVC framework, it would also be easy to add more advanced features. Various game elements involve creating multiple different types of new entries, and eventually it would be nice to create a single page editor that could make all the necessary changes across multiple files and save users the effort of learning all the different id fields and whatnot to match up for, say, a new job skill. Optional features could also be added to the individual file editors where appropriate (e.g., an easy skill selector when adding requirements for a job instead of just a text field, etc.). Once the model code is written to save and load all the various files and edit their contents, your new code can just invoke the model a couple times for each of the new easier single page edit options. Some sort of more sophisticated editor to handle the ‘weird’ fields with more complicated syntax like ‘On Execute’ would also be nice.

You may already be doing all the things I’m suggesting or have an alternate plan that accomplishes the same goals. I’m brainstorming more than critiquing. PM/AIM me or just reply here if you’re interested in discussing the project further. I’d be happy to contribute by writing some chunks of the PHP. I have some ideas for mods that I may get around to eventually, and a tool like this would be invaluable.

It’s a lot more simpler then you expect :slight_smile:

Currently its basically just a simple viewer with the option to edit an entry, but not the entire csv file. The site will not store anything at all, nor have I really thought about that side of it yet.

It basically provides just an online view of any entry in any of the default csv files with the option of editing that particular entry and sending you the result (via simple http header text attachment), If you edit say, one of the jobs or social events etc, then you have the option of getting a copy of your edit - it does not save that to the database. The db is just simple mysql, which is easy because csv import of the originals is easy. Thus it will never send you the entire “jobs.csv” or similar, it will only send you your creation that you add to your “jobs.csv” or similar. To do it any other way would require a user to have their own version of every csv file, which in reality isn’t really an option for something fairly nasic. True it can be done, but I wouldn’t put that much effort into it as Cliffski would have Kudos 3 out before I got anywhere next to finishing it :slight_smile:

Also, I am not a web dev, never have been, never will be, so you could most probably do a better more efficient job then I. A lot of your questions have answers on the site itself, the structure of the left menu is just as you ssay, a few howto’s and “the files” which basically means all the csv files in Kudos.

In relation to advancing it to a stage with a one page editor which carries dependencies is most probably beyond me as I have no idea of the myriad of combinations that can be used when creating various mods. Jobs for example can be a simple single line edition in jobs.csv or it can invlove the addition of scripts, or it can involve the addition of evening classes, alterations to the ini files and god knows how many other things. This is why I figure working with howto’s to try and explain a few different things, then a user can just make new entries by editing lines in various files depending on what they want. Because of the number of possibilities, I don’t really think a standard “oh this is what you will need” will apply to anything much.

So basically all it does is show you the default entries from the default files and allows you the option of creating your own entries for download by selecting a line entry to edit. To be honest, I also don’t really have the time to put as much effort into it as I thought I would, and also I haven’t yet figured out how to actually create all the things necessary for complex additions to Kudos. The site will change though, however, it most probably will always be a bit messy cause I have a tendency to add new things when I get the urge to do something with it rather then think of a better layout :slight_smile:

This is very useful. Thankyou for the work!
Good job ^^

I think you did a great job…I love it!