North Korean Nuclear Tests

Any thoughts? is this scary? is this a risky thing to do?
Looking at it from a detached, game-theory perspective, this looks entirely rational. With the USA in iraq and Afghanistan, and rattling sabers over Iran, is N Korea just reminding everyone that they have nukes, and to stay away from them?
Or is it a dangerous step from a country thats an international threat?

Given the way the US has been reacting lately when it decides a country is a nuclear threat, they’d probably be better off laying low instead.

It probably won’t make much of a difference though. All our righteous demagogic fury is too busy nowadays to pay much attention either way to a country of non-Muslims :confused:

You mean a country without oil?

lol. Exactly. :smiley:
I personally think that the US should not even bother worrying about N.Korea. They are by no means a threat.