War with Iran?

Will the detention of the 15 british sailors lead to military strikes against Iran? Is Tony Balir determined to deal with Iran before leaving office?
How will the situation end?

I think the sailors will be returned by the end of the week, after a lot more huffing and puffing from both sides, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it did lead to military action.

Bush has already stated he wants to invade Iran, on this side of the ocean. Knowing how Blair tends to go in lockstep with him, I wouldn’t be surprised if the detaining of these troopers turns out to be a means to an end.

They’re coming back, as we now know.

I suspect there is a link between the release of these hostages, and one of the Iranian higher level diplomatic hostages being held by an “undisclosed” Iraqi group with governmental ties that the government denies. It seems oddly fortuitous that he was released shortly before the British hostages were.