Noticed Something Annoying today

Recently started playing The Orion Ambush survival challenge, and noticed an annoying habbit of many of the enemy ships, they kept coming in really close to my ship formation, and staying there, so when they went kablooey they damaged my ships, now i know that if i make a formation too tight and one of my ships gets Blown up, my other ships get some damage, but to have ships kamakazee themselves, or now that i think about it what if i decided to go in close to the enemy, i prolly will also take damage from an exploding enemy. I dont think i should take damage from kamakazee ships, or by me going in close to an enemy, if i should take damage, then it should be a % smaller than if it came from my own ships blowing up next to me. It just doesnt seem fair somehow, i SET-UP my ships and think its all goood them some horny enemy comes close and rubs against my ship, goes kablooey and there goes my armor WTF. Might need a patch here unless there is already a formula for reduced damage from what i just described.

Thank you,

This is the inteded behavior, it works fine. Btw, your ships will try to get away if their target gets within half of the engagement range you set up in the deployment screen. Of course this wont save them if they’re slow and fat.
They don’t try to avoid ships other than their current target though.

I don’t see what’s unfair about it, and even less how it would be fair for you to take less damage from ennmy kamikazes than from your own ships. Kamikazing is a valid tactic IMO (if one can call it a tactic).

I guess it would be a valid tactic, and yes my ships are usually slow as hell, i guess my reasoning for it is that when you are given a limited amount of money-pilots to set-up your fleet and you are facing an enemy that can outnumber you 3 to 1, sometimes you cant kill fast enough to keep enemies at bay. I guess it just makes it harder, maybe im being a crybaby, but a lil less damage in my opinion would be better …I mean you are facing swarms of enemies .

Ah my bad, I overlooked the fact you were playing survival. You are right that exploding ships in survival are a real threat. Now some people found a way around it, so I guess it’s not all taht bad.