Survival mode:Encounter at Andromeda

I’m having severe problems here (Ending up around 25k atm), so i’d like some tips, and would like to hear about your best scores (Last patch).
Which Race are you using, and are you designing with or without engines?

I get up to there too then I’m busted by plasma and missile spam, mainly its the plasma though, and this is with cruisers with .30 speed with the keep moving order.

Edit: I take that back that is with the other challenge.

Best score ive gotten on either one is about 87,000. Not sure which is which. It takes too long for me. Say you are 5 waves into it, and lose. Make a small tweak, and it takes 5 waves to see if it has taken effect. Not to my taste.

That, and the hacked leader boards make it quite annoying. I dont believe any of those top scores. Its easy to edit your game and get into the top.

I’ll copy my post from the something awfull forums:

Please post your designs for the survival challenges and what scores you got. When I first started “The Orion Ambush” survive challenge I barely got 10k points. Then I got stuck at 30k/35k points for a few days as those cloaking Plasma Hurlers broke my shields and killed my cruisers one at a time so the next wave would crush them. I even tried a frigate swarm with all beams but the Plasma Hurlers reflect the beams (nothing else up to that point though).
I’m seeing crazy scores some people get and I wonder how they get them. Right now my best score is 80k with the following 6 cruisers.

Alliance Alligator Cruiser Hull
EMP shield (hate hate hate EMP)
Crew module II
Reinforced powerplant II x2
Supercharged engine x3
Reflective shield x3
Cruiser laser x2
Cruiser beam laser
Fusion torpedo launcher (a very nice weapon, my next few designes will focus on these)

Attack frigates 90% range 350
Attack cruisers 50% range 350

Ships start along the bottom right of the deployment zone.

Since then I’ve dumped the Fusion Torpedo launcher. It’s got a decent range and fire rate, is decent against shields and armor and does decent damage. But “decent” is not enough.

OK. I managed to get 70k with a rebel fleet so I’m happy now.

7 cruisers, 0.25 speed, fast missiles, one pulse and one cruiser laser.

Mind posting your cruiser build, Govert? I’m curious what standard modules you used.

OK. Here’s my ship.
Cost-optimized to afford 7 for 20k.

hull = Rebel Valhalla Cruiser

0 = cruiser_laser,
1 = cruiser fastmissile,
2 = cruiser_pulselaser,
3 = cruiser superchargedtractor,
4 = cruiser shield multiphasic,
5 = cruiser_engine II,
6 = cruiser_engine II,
7 = cruiser_engine II,
8 = cruiser_engine III,
9 = cruiser_nanorepair,
10 = cruiser power II,
11 = cruiser power II,
12 = cruiser_armour VI,
13 = cruiser powered armor,
14 = cruiser shield reflective,
15 = cruiser shield multiphasic,
16 = cruiser crew III,

Two multiphasics over a multiphasic and a fast recharge? Interesting. I shall have to try it. Thanks!

that might work as well, as long as it does not break the budget. Didn’t test that combo.