Odd Impact Texture Bug

I think something must’ve happened to the coding in my core GSB folder but I don’t know what governs it.

This happens when modules are hit by any weapon:

The impact texture isn’t displaying properly. See the squarish-looking box with a corner of white?

I think the texture just isn’t coded right.

Any suggestions?

I have no idea of what is causing that… maybe a wrong file size?

Believe it or not, that is the blast texture. (Just one of the several optimisations cliff wrote into the game)
The idea is that the game takes this image and duplicates it to make the circle. (Another example is the shield)

From the looks of the image you posted, the original blast sprite is centered on impact point. (instead of being duplicated and the resultant image placed over the impact point)
I hope this makes sense.

Anywho, have you tried the standard suggestions (reinstall etc)

A known problem with the Mac edition of the game, though the cause escapes me. See here.

The original post up above really should have been made in the Support subforum. Relocating now…

As to why this problem occurred in the first place. . .I have no idea, but I too experienced this issue (as you can clearly see in the forum link Archduke provided), and after sending an email to redmarblegames (since I’m on a mac), they sent me a replacement for my blastglare file and it fixed the problem right up. I’ve uploaded the file here, in case it helps you as well. It’s in .png format currently, I hope that’s not a problem.


I hope this solves your problem, as it certainly is quite an unpleasant graphic lol