[OPTION MENU] Checklist of paths used

I would like to see, in the option menu (or anywhere…) a checklist of all the additionals paths i want to use for this session.

explanation :

I have as additonals path : “swarm”, “order”, “tribe”, “legios”, “scavenger”, “3xper1ment4l”, and “others” (“others” is containing various modules i created or downloaded from the forums, as “rebel orbital space station”)

While answering to challenges and scenarios, i want to prevent myself to use any unofficial material.

it is easy for swarm, order, and tribe as it’s official material.
it is easy for legios or scavenger : i know i can’t use these races.
it is harder for “3xper1ment4l” and “others”, which add ships and modules to existing races. I have to remember the official ships and module and take only them while designing ships, and I make mistakes.

So I would want to be able to desactivate the paths i don’t want to use for this session, without deleting them or moving them to another place.