Option: Split job (now implemented with pictures!)


Ive looked a bit in the code and it seems this might be a hard one to introduce but its worth mentioning anyway.

long time consuming jobs (dry paint) should be able to be splitted between several stations.

Dry paint = 24 sec

if i want to reach a average time of 4.5 sec / job i then need to build 5 or preferably 6 drying stations.
Right now to reach an output of 5 sec / vehicle im at 3 independent lines with a total of 9 dryers to reach target output.

now in reality what i would do i to extend the drying period instead, in my old company we had 2 tunnels running at a certain heat to dry the vehicles. so if i could join drying booths up, say 5 in a row, and the game would split the time to dry between amount of connected stations so i could reach a constant flow of vehicles on one line that would be nice.

All other jobs are right now splitable or extended to a maximum of 2 stations to reach a time around 5 sec, exept paint and this now needs serveral lines to reach and its a nightmare to build due to width of the station (1x3) it makes a 3 station operation take 3x7 plus the line feeding in and out.

my option would be 5x3 and the 1 line in and one line out.

The process flow would be alot more slick and more realistic

Good idea, but indeed, would be hard to code I think.

Easier solution would be to have an extra research and have a ‘dry specialization’ that unlocks a new dryer for undercoat and finisher.
This dryer could be 3x3 blocks and dries a car in ~10 seconds.

True. could be a several step upgrade.


I’m not that I do understand your idea in the correct way.
Your idea is, that while the slot is already processing one vehicle others can enter the slot processing the task (e.g. the drying) at their own and as soon as the process is completed per vehicle it will get out of the slot moving to the next one?

Ähm, that’s alrready included in the game: As soon as you have completed the ‘Paint Specialization’ research project you can split up the basic paint station into ‘Paint Undercoat’, ‘Dry Undercoat’, ‘Paint Finish’ and ‘Dry Finish’. It’s mentioned in the tool tipp of the research project (look for ‘new slot’).
Best performing combination is 1 painter and 3 parallelized dryer each for undercoat and finish. Because of the higher timings at the finish part but with the efficience upgrades you can acchive <8s per combo.

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Yes exactly, that is what this is all about. To specialize into drying more, so you don’t have to go 3 wide with the dryers per paint station. And just have a dryers 3 times deep to do the same thing. In short, just a way to optimize space better.

Okay, but that means you have a constant movement of the vehicle inside the slot like it’s moving on the conveyors between two slots?
Sounds interesting :slight_smile:

Basicly the easiest way to acheive this would be to do something like this

Split the dryer in to 3 step operation (still keep the paint specialiszation)

so you can keep the flow constantly moving forward.
Its more of a shopfloor space issue rather then a function issue.

Same function can be acheved by following setup.

(its made for my current 3 paintline setup)

its mostly a mather of space

For now I came up with a design like this, it’s compact and doesn’t go wide.

oooh, now that is nice!

I’m using a similar setup, just with more Painters/Dryers:

Cars come in from the right… move through Paint Undercoat, then through Dry Undercoat, then back up to Paint Finnish and again down to Dry Finish… then they leave to the left.

nice! thats a way of making it thinner for sure.

Looks good :slight_smile: I lost all my save game with latest update, so just started a new game fast to show the basic setup. Can make it as big as you want :slight_smile:

So i had this idea and i wanted to see if i could implement it.

Well i think it officially the first actual mod ever to the game, but the feature is fully implemented and working

i made it so that it can be upgraded just like the old version and its a part of paint specialization research.

what do you think?

i am thinking i should add it as an upgrade to the original version “Dry undercoat specialization” = split job in 3

Looks pretty good :slight_smile:

Yeah, looks nice but makes 2 painters per 1 dryer necessary to achive its full speed. Or am I wrong?

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I’d say each of the 3 painting steps is about 8-9 seconds in time… so when the third Painting Step finishes, 2 second can move on, and so can the 1st and then the painter will move on… and the Painter also takes 8 seconds.

So It shouldn’t cause any bottlenecks except if the 3 broken steps take vastly longer than the painter.

its a 3 step process.

I figured as i planned to try to get all my flow around 4 sec, if i took the old job of 24 sec and splitted it in 3 i ended up in 8 sec / step
(normally i go 3 set of dryers per painter) so i just implemented it that way. the assembly line runs really smooth with this setup.

Now i managed to add my next feature so check my other post :stuck_out_tongue:

As I understand this concept it means constant movement.
So 4.5 s after the first car got into the parallelized drying station the second can follow.
After next 4.5 s - means 9 s after the first one - a third car can enter the slot.
At all such a slot needs a car every 4.5 s to work at full throughput. So without changes to the painter you will need two of them (paint finish 8.5 s w/o upgrade and 7.91 s with upgrade) to guarantee a constant flow. Or not?

Robot upgrades are also a thing… that’s what I’m doing to even out the slightly slower Dryers.


i dont want to make it to overpowered, im just after the flow that it. i will show a video of the setup in a fjew minutes