[Outdated][1.40] Production Line is windowed

I just wanted to play the updated (to version 1.40) Production Line when I noticed that the game occurred in a windowed-mode, instead of full screen. Trying to change the resolution and restarting the game did not help. See https://imgur.com/a/SDonA for more details. I noticed it now and not in previous versions.

The game never really runs fullscreen, but will run as a borderless window at fullscreen resolution (not draggable) if you choose the resolution that matches your desktop resolution. Is that resolution not listed? or not being selected?

My resolution (1920 * 1080) is listed in the settings. It is not selected, but when I select it and click “Apply Changes” nothing will change. Opening up the settings again gives the same, my resolution is in there but not selected.
I also have tried to drag the window as one normally does with windows, and this works and behaves as if it is a normal window.

It seems to be caused by the scaling-settings in windows 10. Changing it to 100% (windows recommends 125%) fixed this problem.