[Outdated]][Bug 1.27] Game speed problems

Hi, I like this game and enjoy to play it!

I think I found some bugs related to changing the game speed,

  1. The research progress goes faster in faster game speed : A research project is completed 3 hours faster in super fast speed than in normal speed
  2. The pause seems not properly working when the slot detail window is opened : When i resumed the game, the progress bar already advanced without any others changed

I hope these comments help you develop the game!

Thanks for this. I’ve just fixed the second one, I’ll look into the first one now.

The first issue is still a problem in 1.57 over a year later.

If you build 6 research offices, this table shows the amount of research you’ll accumulate in the first 60 minutes. I would have expected 0.6 points per minute (as displayed), or 36 points total after 60 minutes.

Game Speed  |  Rate (sci pts/min) | Total sci pts | Game Time Passed | Actual Time Passed
Normal      |  1.8                | 108           | 60               | 115
Fast        |  3.5                | 211           | 60               | 67              
Super       |  7.0                | 419           | 60               | 34

OMG. You are right. Fixing this today… Thanks for pointing this out. I’m fixing it for the next update, and will also make the points per minute clearer

Thanks @cnelson711 to remind this topic again with exact values and thank @cliffski to update game to fix it! :smiley: