[Outdated][Bug 1.40] White squares

With the 1.40, i have a bug with “white squares” instead of the car icons. (See the picture below)

I’ve had this a few times before. Not specific to that version though. Has happened since 1.38 from what I’ve noticed. I think this has been mentioned before somewhere.

Did you happen to tab out of the game at any point?

Err… I probably did in fairness…

The bug appeared after an ALT + TAB but also one time after loading a save game.

When i closed the game and reloaded my save, the bug disappeared.

This is almost certainly related to alt=tab and video memory being lost. the game should recover from it, but some drivers are better at this than others, and it may depend on what other apps you al;t-=tabbed to and their video memory requirements. I’ll make a note to look into it.

I’ve probably tabbed out to chrome to look at the forum.