Flying squares

I’m brand new to Kudos.

I noticed at first one and then several squares started flying around on the screen. At first, I thought they were notes of some sort, but I couldn’t click on them – and they were zooming.

Anyone know what these are?


sound like the flies. have you got a corrupt install with missing files maybe?

I dunno. I was playing the demo version to see if I like the game, and I do.

It was a fresh download, and there were no errors reported at any time.

weird. Could be a video driver bug maybe? Was the house dirty at the time? I’m presuming it must be the flies.

I dunno. I’m on the latest version of the MacBook Pro 15".

I’m not sure if the house was dirty or not. I can’t go back in and look since I had to force quit the program after I got the notification to buy it since the screen went white, and I couldn’t use the mouse with the program. I do know I had cleaned it about a week before.

I tried reopening the program just a few minutes ago, and about 1/4 of the images were corrupt or missing.


The company that ported the Mac version is aware of the issues and is in the process of creating a new version to deal with them. If I remember correctly (I don’t have a Mac), it’s due out the end of this week.

EDIT: The Mac issues post is here:

Thanks for the update.

I wonder if they need a tester.