[Outdated] Carousel Production line

After watching cliffski’s latest video thought I would try the carousel line which seems to be very broken. A car will go round and enter random stations no matter what stage it is at.

Is this normal because the latest update is not out or is this just a bug? I have tried this on mutiple different missions as well as different stages. This also happens without stages being broken down.

I also tried this, and had car stuck in a “Fit Engine” loop, curious as to if it’s cause the new version wasn’t released at the time.

I think even on the video something went wrong because I’m sure I saw cars going into places in the wrong order.

Here’s my screenshots of this.



I have the same issues.

The Carousel Production is totally broken.

A simple way to reproduce the bugs (like the following picture).

  1. Make a Carousel
  2. Make 1 incomming lane and 1 outgoing lane
  3. Make a Fit Bodyframe, Fit Roof and Fit Doors station
  4. The cars that have already been at Fit Roof will goto Fit Roof again

If a car is partially made (have been to either Fit Bodyframe or Fit Roof) it will goto Fit Body if the slot is open. This makes sense.

Remember that Fit Bodyframe can be divided into more stations. Much rework and balancing is needed before Carousel Production is possible, like Cliff said. It would take a systematic overhaul to make it good.

Dear Cliff, if you are reading this, please do the overhaul; it would mean a lot. Thanks for great game!

Seems better in Alpha 1.4

I think the problem is that a car will never avoid a lot, or worry if it goers down the wrong route, as long as that route does actually take it to where it wants to go. In other words, cars can sit in a queue behind stuff doing task A, if its already done A, but its route suggests it can get to B through this route. I’ll have to find time to give it another look.

It was much better in version 1.4

Tested the Carousel layout again. Works like a charm, but only if you have exatly one ring and production wings.
A sub-ring with additional production wings does not work.

Would live to revive this topic as I miss using the carousel factory especially for the 3,000 budget scenario. Carousel does not work at all and cars wont go in to any slot anymore.