paid for the game, got the receipt, now what?

so i paid for the game and got my receipt, but i don’t know what to do now. am i supposed to get an activation code or a link or something? please, anyone who’s bought the game, tell me, i’m going crazy!

Hi, I got your order, I’ll email you, but basically, it sounds like the actual download link email must have been caught by a spam filter. I’ll mail you myself to ensure it gets through.

i still haven’t gotten it. the one on file is my school address, and i don’t have access to the stuff the spam filter throws out. could i give you an alternate email address?

I emailed the address you ordered it from directly from my site, so it will get through ok this time.

i’m sorry, but i’m going nuts wanting to play this. when did you send it?

I called bmtmicro and gave them my alternate addy, so everything’s good now. thanks for making such a great game.

cool, sorry, been away from the PC.