When do I get the download link?

Im a big fan. I played kudos. Played democracy, played kudos rock legend (demo) I like it so i decided to buy the full version.

So My Amex was charged, yet I never received my download link.

I received a email saying my order is currently being fulfilled or something like that. But How long will i have to wait? online delivery, I kinda assumed it would be instant as soon as my ordered was accepted. Its been like 12 hours now. I only have 20 hours left till I have to go back to work, and I want to get as much game play in before that lol.

my email is ucwmike@gmail.com for reference and whatnot.


keep making the great games!

Hi it’s normally instant, but sometimes orders get manually checked, to prevent credit card fraud, although with a gmail address I would have thought you wouldn’t have got that. Even so, it’s normally only a matter of a few hours. I’ll keep an eye out for details on your order. It should not take long.

aha. your order is in a pending list, meaning it is indeed being checked. shouldn’t be long now.

Ok thanks. I just realized I used my gift card instead of an actual credit card. So thats what probably the reason, I had the same wait when I ordered a new laptop a week ago.

you’d be surprised how alike my gift card and my credit card look lol. (literally, the only difference is the word gift)

I guess Ill keep waiting here.

thanks for the quick response time.