Paintball Bugs?

Is there a problem with the paintball activity? I picked up a paintball gun for my doctor character, and only had the option to use it a couple of times. When I did have the option, it showed up on the social activities list at the end after candlelit dinner and romantic movie. It also appeared twice.

I tried it out, and the new skill for all involved showed up as “nv_paintball”. I never tried the second version, but it looked identical in the setup.

On an unrelated note, bowling doesn’t seem to be a developable skill for anyone but yourself.

the paintball arena is only open at weekends.
The bowling thing sounds like a bug, and it looks like I missed a translation key. I’ll fix it in the next patch.

edit: Bowling bug will be fixed in next patch

Right, and I figured it might have fitness restrictions or something. My main point was that the skill shows up for you and everyone as nv_paintball instead of Paintball. It also appeared twice in my scrollable group activities list.

I noticed that the music keyboard skill is the same way. It shows up as nv_music_keyboard instead of Music Keyboard.