What about actually naming the parties? So with America instead of you as one color and the opposition as the other, you can choose to be Republican or Democrat and voters expectations vary depending on what you are.

Because that requires multiple party system, as is already being discussed.

And it would limit your options too.

I prefer the fact that your party is never directly mentioned. If you had to choose republican or democrat for the US that would skew how you played the game too much, And when you play countries like Italy where you arent (probably) as familiar with the parties and what they stand for, it would be too confusing.
It would be nice to be able to type whatever name you wanted for your party though:D

I agree, typing whatever name you want would be awesome :smiley:

but I stand by saying that it’s a bad idea to actually give real life names to the opposition party(ies).

How about selecting a few broad idelogocial positions at the start and the voters will expect you to broadly conform to them eg Invest more or less in public services.

That’s covered by voter cynicism I think. If you change your policies too drastically, people do become cynical, it’s not just taxes (although they have the strongest effect).