Possible to have too many skills

Now I know it might seem a bit crazy to have so many skills nominally but it seems you really can have so many skills that you completely fill the screen and they don’t fit anymore. Certainly I managed it… Of course I was a recluse and nobody liked me! (Though I suspect it would have been possible to be mediocre-good at all basic careers and still manage to have friends and romantic relationships).

Crazy huh?

Edit: Note to self, read forum before muttering about things… Someone’s already mentioned this.

Oh and I just loaded my completed save game (one day from completion) to take a screenshot, which be here:


only to find that as soon as I hit end turn and completed that game… I went to start a new game and instantly got ‘your 10 years is up’ screen?

I found the same thing… You have to exit the game and come back in to be able to start a new game…at least that worked for me :-/