Possibly Bugged Links from Global Economy

#,GlobalCO2,NOICON,0.01,0,1,HIGHBAD,icons_co2,#,"_year,0+(0.01*x)* _winning_","_globaleconomy_,0+(0.08*x)* _winning_",#,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The ‘_globaleconomy_’ simulation, unlike most other stats, has a range of -1 to +1 (you can check this by playing UK, which has economic cycle setting at 75%). Therefore, there are some differences on how to write links from it, like not requiring a constant term to output 0 at the center. But some links seem to be treating it just like any other simulation which has 0~1 range.

  1. Global Economy to GDP: 0.25*(x^0.8)
    giving an input of a negative value to x^0.8 sounds like a possible mistake. Though it just works as if imaginary part has been ignored, I think it’s worth checking again.
  2. Global Economy to Immigration Demand: 0.1-(0.2*x),2
  3. Global Economy to Oil Demand: -0.1+(0.2*x)
  4. Global Economy to Rare Earth Price: -0.07+(0.14*x),1
    2,3,and 4 suggest that these simulation values might have been somewhere too high or low. When global economy can be -0.7 (at 75% economic cycle) or +0.7(at 25% economic cycle), I’d expect these links will have zero impacts on the point 0 instead of 0.5 to be fair.
  5. Global Economy to Global CO2 Emission: "_globaleconomy_,0+(0.08*x)* _winning_"
    I guess the intention is boosting Global CO2 even more if a player is winning by a big margin. But current implementation just makes it fluctuate more extremely.
  6. Slopes in general
    And there is "_globaleconomy_,0+(0.25*x)" to Tourism. I assume that these impacts are suppose to have influence as much as their slopes. But, in reality, Global Economy can boost/crash Tourism up to +25% and down to -25%. In other words, effects of global economy might have been doubled by mistake.

It would be nice if @cliffski can check if these are working as intended.


Wow. I suspect not. Very well spotted. Am investigating…

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Global Economy to GDP
This seems to be working as intended, by looking at both in-game values, and the chart the right click popup displays.

Global Economy to Immigration Demand : 0.1-(0.2*x),2

Now changing to 0.1+(x+1)*-0.1

Global Economy to Oil Demand
Now changing to -0.1+(x+1)*0.1

Global Economy to Rare Earth Price :
Now changing to -0.07+(x+1)*0.07

Global Economy to Global CO2 Emission
This seems to work as intended? reducing emissions if the player is losing, boosting them if winning

The tourism is supposed to go up/down 25% as described.
Thanks for reporting these!

Glad to be of help!

So Global Economy to Immigration Demand, Oil Demand, and Rare Earth Price are indeed intended to be weaker than they are. Curious how their new slopes & constant terms would affect gameplay. Tourism getting swayed by 50%p sounds like bit large but might actually be realistic. Who would trip abroad when the whole world is in massive recession?

I guess Global CO2 Emission will act bit differently. If the Global Economy is in recession, "_globaleconomy_,0+(0.08*x)* _winning_" will output a negative value. So low ‘_winning_’ will actually lead to milder negative impact on Global CO2. I think "_globaleconomy_,0.08*(x+1)* _winning_" will act as intended.