A few bugs I've found + first impressions

Hello, I’m new here. I just bought the early access and have a couple of things to report.

-Typo in the speeches tutorial “opr” > “or”
-Once I’ve played for a while many of the policy titles on the main screen don’t show up on hover.
-Political capital cost still shows up on slider when changes are free for a newly implemented policy
-Political capital gain from cabinet members doesn’t show up after I play for a while unless the cabinet member is selected.

I’m playing on an HP Envy running windows 10, intel i7, MX 150. Game ran very fast, turns processed in 2 seconds tops.

A couple additional thoughts:

-I think that the game would have a more manageable learning curve for new players if the quarterly debrief screen gave a rundown on the two or three events/changes from the last quarter that changed your popularity the most.
-A unified tutorial at the beginning of the game (not spread out over whenever you happen to navigate to each screen) would be helpful, even if it only went over the three or four most important screens. Long, contiguous tutorials can be boring but I think that having all the info together at the beginning of the game would help.
-Maybe its how I play, but my popularity seemed really volatile. I was at 63%, then dipped down to zero, then went up to 55%, then back down to 4%, all in four quarters. This is another reason that a rundown of the biggest things impacting your popularity at the start of each turn would be helpful, because as it stands I have no idea what specifically caused such drastic shifts.

All in all, I have a feeling that I’m really going to like this game. It’s obviously a really interesting concept, and has been executed extensively and overall very well. I actually work professionally in American politics, and I think this is a really interesting interpretation of how the political system works.

I’ll be playing more and will update here so as not to clutter the forum. Thanks for all your work on this wildly complicated buy fun game


Thanks for the feedback. that missing policy names thing on the main UI was fixed by me today and will be in the next update…