Problems launching game

Hi everyone,
Purchased D4 a couple of days ago and haven’t been able to play at all because of two OpenGL errors.

The game immediately crashes when I open it. All drivers have been uninstalled/reinstalled and are up to date. Game has been verified on steam, uninstalled, the whole shbang. Someone please help!

I have a 3060ti for a GPU and antivirus isn’t blocking the program. image

Hmmmm. I will ask the opengl dude about this. We use a VERY old version of opengl which your card should DEFINITELY support. could be a driver bug, or its reporting its compatibility wrong.

Is there any chance you could give this little utility a go?

It should show all the capabilities your card has in opengl, on the second tab

in the extensions list should be
GL_EXT_framebuffer_object (Requires OpenGL 3.0)
and also
GL_ARB_framebuffer_object (OpenGL 3.0)