Racial differences

Just got a buddy to buy the game and had to explain all the differences between the races - maybe there should be an info button on the races screen which says “Rebels get the Bomber Fighter and a special Laser”? Right now the only way to figure it all out is to unlock them all and check every single module or use the outdated spreadsheet that’s stickied at the top of the forum.

It’d be nice if this was all explained out a bit more, especially for people that don’t like to hunt it all down.

By the way, why would anyone use an Alliance Beam Laser over the Cruiser Beam Laser? It does way better damage, has a lower min range, has a higher max range, fires more often all for .3 tracking difference - is that really worth it?

I don’t think so. But really, module balance is still in early stages - the outright bugs have priority, and relatively few analyses of modules have been written.