Random questions

Is it just me or is the missile scrambler waaaay more effective than point defense? The actual refire delay appears to be…like…1. Even though the stats indicate it should fire slower than point defense.

Does the missile scrambler benefit from the thing that helps your point defense pick out decoys?

Is there any negative effect from losing crew or power generators in battle?

(Sorry I don’t have the game in front of me to get these module names right.)

The cruiser cannon vs the cruiser pulse laser… the laser is better in absolutely every way except it takes a few more crew and has a little less accuracy. Actually this isn’t a question, I’m just complaining. I confess that the first ship I wanted to design in GSB was the Battle Star Galactica and I’m continually disappointed when the only conventional cannon has almost no use. :-p

Turbo Shields… what’s their point supposed to be? You go from 70 to 77 shield strength but everything else is worse – costs more, weighs more, takes more crew, more power, less regen, etc. Seems like a heavy toll for a mere 10% improvement in shield strength. That’s basically 1 fighter spitball of extra shielding.

The module that increases tracking speed – does that work for all weapons? Makes missiles and plasma more accurate, too?

Targeting lasers – at what point do they guarantee a hit? a) if a missile is fired when the target is painted b) if a missile hits while the target is painted c) if a missile is fired and hits while the targeted is painted for the whole time. (I’m pretty sure “b” isn’t the case but I’m not sure about “a” vs “c”)

I think that’s it for now.


i can answer a few of your questions.

guidance scrambler: yes it is way more effective. as i said in another thread, point defense is quite useless due to its ridicuolous low kill count and low range. even more so if compared to guidance scrambler.
the thing that picks out decoys is called point defense scanner. i don’t know if the scrambler benefits from it, but don’t think so.

negative effect of loosing modules: i believe this was answered already somewhere, and the answer was no, there aren’t negative effects. but i don’t remember exactly.

cruiser cannon vs. pulse laser: i’ve found the pulse laser to be very useless, i don’t use it in any of my ships. but i can’t figure what module you mean with cannon.

turbo shields: don’t know. you are right.

target booster module: yes i think so…

trageting lasers: from my observation, the target needs to be painted in the moment the missile hits

so much for now. i hope at least something is right… :wink:


Yep. 2 missile scramblers makes a cruiser all but immune to missiles and rockets

No. It just scrambles everything.

Nope. Those modules are just hit points once the fight begins.

About the same point as a solid gold iPhone. Bling for the bling captain. Admirals tend not to issue them when they want to actually win.


Not entirely sure. It appears that missiles launched when the targeting laser is on will hit unless scrambled or shot down. Targeting lasers do not appear to do anything for missiles already in flight, nor are missiles confused if the targeting beam stops working while the missile is in flight.

Camo. What exactly does it do? It seems to make the target harder to hit but I’m not sure what the math is.

Camo vs targeting laser. Targeting lasers can hit a camo ship. It looks like all missiles hit but not all of them actually do damage, but I couldn’t be sure what was going on.

Possibly more extensive questions, but as long as we’re here…

Favorite way of dealing with “fighter spam”?
Favorite way of dealing with “missile spam”?
Favorite way of dealing with “plasma spam”?

(My favorite way is to basically go “bleh” and go find a new challenge but I wondered what the first thing was people reached for in those cases, if not the next challenge…)

Not sure about the effects of camo, might reduce chances of a cloaked ship getting targetted in favour of a further one, but yeah, it does seem a bit of a waste of a module atm.

Defense against fighter spam - depends on the fighter type, if rocket fighters, just ignore them by not taking frigates. If bombers, take anti-fighter missiles, if interceptors use a mixture of tractor beams and antifighter rockets.

Missile spam - again, depends on the missile type, some spammers go for the megaton missile which does heavy damage but is slow and shorter ranged than say multiwarhead missiles, so they can be outranged with missile spam of your own. If the enemy is using missile artillery ie long range rockets, I’ve found it a good idea to close with frigates packing a shitload of engines and a single weapon, once they’re within the missiles minimum range, the enemy is fucked. Or you could just use fighter spam =]

Plasma spam - found this one a toughie at times, especially if they’ve had the good sense to take anti fighter precautions which is my usual counter. Although if they’ve bought fighters, that’s less plasma, so they can be outgunned. Usually again I go for fast moving frigates armed with shield popping weapons so that once my cruisers get toe to toe, they’re doing direct hull damage. Take strong shields too - a front line of shield tanks can really help against plasma spam.

Hope that helps.


i might repeat what turok said, i have the very same solutions.

dealing with fighter spam: i haven’t found the ultimate solution, but interceptors work best for me (easily done with rebels, other races have more problems). while i have dedicated aa frigates/cruisers, they seem to be very vulnerable. i like those fighters dead before they arrive.

dealing with missile spam: as said, it depends. and it is possible to make frigates fast enough to evade most of the incoming missiles…
equipping every cruiser with guidance scrambler is also fun :slight_smile:
cheap frigate cannonfodder works against targeting painter, since it creates huge overkill. but it’s risky
and sometimes they’ve forgotten to deactivate the attack fighters order for their cruisers. try a fighter with a single engine and see those moskitos with an average speed of 7 drawing missile fire on them.

dealing with plasma spam: don’t play against those because it’s lame. seriously, there are a few challenges out there which i could beat with 3 fighter squadrons… (try “blast through this”)
however, with aa protection it can become hard. again, fast frigates can evade some plasma, but you will need a lot of them. also, cruisers with stealth systems were effective once. but cruisers need to be fast aswell.


Takes up a slot that could be used by an armor plate. I never equip those because the right time to use it is as soon as the shields are taking more damage than they can replenish (to give other ships time to move up). The next good time to use it is when trying to get a breather for armor repair bots. Unfortunately, the honorable captain would only use a cloak if he didn’t have any weapons left. This means that your invisible ship will now explode.

Tractor-beam spam + fighters. Even the poor Empire fighters can munch rebel fighter spam for breakfast with a combination of the best fighter the Empire can field backed up by tractor beams to even the odds.

Anything with guidance scramblers. Really. Anything. Just put more guidance scramblers out there until you win. The best counter is one scrambler per ship and as much plasma as it can carry.

To avoid fighting plasma spam is to avoid building one of the funnest fleets you can make. The 5-engine per cruiser close-quarters-combat monster. Get inside the plasmas range FAST and pummel them with cruiser-laser death. Or just use frigate spam, but that’s not as much fun.

Is there some kind of a bonus for optimum range?

Actually one of my favorite ship designs is one I call the “Jinker”.

It’s usually 1 long range weapon of some sort (EMP is good), lots of engines and whatever is left for defenses (shields > repair > armor).

I set it to “keep moving” and set the max range to something like 1300. The idea is it rushes in front of my fleet and then starts doing crazy maneuvers at high speeds basically distracting hordes of plasma and missiles in the process, buying my slower, more easily hit ships some extra free time.

I started putting a cloak on my “Jinkers” but I don’t really know if it’s better than just using an extra shield or armor plate or engine or something.

(If you play the one challenge I currently have posted, called, I think, “Whatchu gonna do when they come for you”, I have some frigate Jinkers in there.)

Since shooting isn’t really the point anyway, cloaking on a Jinker can make sense. (In fact, I only give them a weapon at all in case the enemy is doing something like “Retaliate” and might otherwise ignore them.)

I believe that’s where your weapon’s accuracy is at maximum. The further off you are from optimum range, the more your accuracy will suffer.

That was in a tooltip or the tutorial or something somewhere.