Re: DLC & Steam - Sorry if this has been asked before.

I bought the Nomads and Galactic Conquest (beta version) expansions direct from the Positech site, since I assume Cliffski gets more per sale from that than if I had bought them from Steam (and they weren’t available on Steam yet). Is there a way to tell Steam I own them, so that it will keep them up to date and everything?

Also, the Galactic Conquest mode seems to be out of beta. How exactly do I go about getting the finished version? Do I just follow the download link I got in the email when I bought the beta?


you can reuse the same download link to update it. Make sure the main game is updated too (version 1.55 now).
You can’t currently ‘add’ my direct-sold games to steam.

Thanks, both for the quick reply and the great game!