I have systematically checked most of the items that you can buy and I can not find a way to raise my Reasoning.

I have tried all the cable channels (including The Science Channel and News). I also have tried Sudoku (logic), Chesses (logic), the Video game (problem solving), and the Crossword (problem solving). I have read the Advanced Math (logic), IQ (logic), encyclopedia (knowledge), and History(knowledge) books.

This is absolutely frustrating because I am maxed out on Logic and raising my problem solving and knowledge. However, no matter what I seem to do, I can not get my Reasoning above its starting value.

After reading through the code, I noticed that spending time with a Smart person raises reasoning. However, I have made 6 characters and had very expanded social circles but I have never seen a Smart personality. There must be something else that can be done to raise Reasoning.

What am I missing?

I am playing the 1.06a version of the game on Windows XP.

Nope, you need to seek out smart people. They do exist, sounds like you have just been unlucky. The best strategy is to try and meet everyones friends at least once, then carefully pick the ones you want to spend time with. You probably met a few smart people earlier in the game, but let them go as friends.

Maybe I should introduce another method to boost reasoning?

You could add this to social_events.csv:
#,GAME,argue,Argue,Get together with your friends and tell 'em what you REALLY think.,game,"_random,1.0",We need to talk,0,0,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,4,#,“games,0.5”,“conversation,0.4”,#,“stress,-0.3,0.4”,“boredom,-0.2,0.25”,“iq_reasoning,0.05,_LOGIC_DEGRADE”,#,

It’s a modified video game social event.

I’m having a LOT of fun playing with these CSVs. :laughing: