Redshirt Beta v0.6 released (for Windows and Mac!)

Annnnnd there’s another update! Redshirt Beta v0.6 has been released! As usual, existing beta testers can redownload the game using the original link in their email, or, if you haven’t yet joined the beta, why not do so by preordering the game from

Also, Redshirt is now available for Mac! Pre-ordering will allow you to download both the Windows and Mac versions. :slight_smile:

Here is the changelist:

Redshirt Beta v0.6 changelist

  • Post-Omega Bar content now added.
  • More difficult to unlock Omega Bar.
  • Posting positive/negative status updates about work now affects relationship with your boss if they read it.
  • ‘Green/blue-skinned ladies’ species now renamed to ‘Asrion’; they no longer have supervisor jobs at the beginning…
  • Likelihood of NPCs inviting player to events is now higher.
  • Likelihood of NPCs being mean to each other is now higher.
  • Background music changes in later game.
  • Slightly increased starting job KarmaCreds, and game now starts on a Wednesday (so there is more chance to save up for the weekend).
  • Added a couple more romantic activities and other minor content tweaks/additions.
  • Improved Spacebook search box behaviour
  • Widescreen support.

Let me know if you have any questions/problems/suggestions!

Also, since this so closely follows the previous update, I thought I’d link the list of changes for v0.5 too: viewtopic.php?f=31&t=8429