Redshirt (v1.01) Official Release!

As some of you may have noticed, if you’ve preordered Redshirt, you are now able to play the actual release version of the game! It’s going live on Steam tomorrow (as well as GOG), so you will be able to redeem your Steam keys then. (Though I’ve had reports that some of you are already able to see it on Steam? Even better!)

Existing preorder customers can revisit the original download link in their emails to download the final version. Of course, if you haven’t already preordered, it’s not too late to do so – you can download the final version right now by ordering from – or, from Steam or GOG tomorrow, Wednesday 13th November.

I should mention that it is recommended that you start new characters for the final version of the game; using an existing beta saved character may unfortunately cause issues.

Thanks SO much to everyone who has helped with bug reports and suggestions on here. I’m really excited for you all to check out the final version, and I hope you have some unique and memorable experiences aboard Megalodon-9. Oh, stay safe on those away missions!

Woohoo!, Thank you so much for an interesting game Mitu! Was a privilege to help with the bug reports!, I can’t promise anything about those away missions, those rocks with their psyconic powers, its easier to throw a teammate at them then run! :P.

Bug: I had the Social Map of my char open when spending the last action point before work.
Now the Social Map is still open and I can’t close it but also can’t accept the message to go to work as it is hidden behind the Social Map.

Edit: Ok clicking around blind where the button must be for accepting to go to the job worked.

Oh interesting, sorry about that – I’ll take a look to see if I can replicate it. Also, if this happens again, try seeing if pressing the Esc key also works?

ESC general don’t work to close the Social Map.

Yay! Going to try the release version tomorrow. :smiley:

Noticed something: text on Spacebook changes if I reload it (like clicking spacebook several times).
Also, at some point I clicked Spacebook, and it showed me an empty screen with something like: pages 1-5 and buttons to move left and right (didn’t take a screenshot, and was unable to get it to show up again).

Also a question: Do other people move up the ladder and whatnot? Or they all stay rank 0 and in whatever profession they started in?

Steam achievements don’t seem to work. At least the “Add Astra” one.

I had a similar issue. Social map open, playing around with friending people and an away mission request pops up. Nothing helped. I could not close the social map, or accept the away mission, or anything. I could happily click on people (the background changed to their character), but “go to Jo” and close social map did not work. Had to close the game. Hopefully it autosaved!

Edited to add: Some aspirations dont seem to work properly. Ive had one where I was requested to be in a relationship with person. Then when I got it, nothing happened, but somehow the person had changed. Here;s another one - job aspiration completed but nothing happened: … sp=sharing