Hi from France, sorry for my bad english. I would like to comment on the way relationships work.

First, I find it great that you could choose to enable some same sex relationships. But it seems strange that if you do so, you can’t be anything but bisexual. So you may only be 100% straight or willing to have relationship with anybody. And it is exactly the same with your friends. If you enable same sex relationships, all you friends became potential lovers ie only straight female friends and gay firends if you are a man. Last time I chose to be a gay man with gay partner, when having a romantic date, I had the same “girly” laughter when dating. Seems to me that having same sex partner is something quite weird in the game :).

Then, why not having just a “one and only” partner. But it seems very strange not to be able to have sex with anybody else at the same time when you are engaged in some relationship. Am I such a perverse I should go to the srink? By the way, you often have to go to the dentist in kudos2 but you cant go to a shrink if you are too unhappy with your life. It could help!

Sorry if it is not clear. Take care!


Hi, it’s fair point. Maybe I need a check box for bisexual :smiley:
It is a bit of an ‘exploit’ to allow same sex relationships, because you then get twice as many potential partners.

I think thats balanced by the fact that when you’re ‘bi’, anytime you hang out with a friend of any sex solo, your partner gets jealous.