Removing policies

Is there any way to remove an existing, vanilla policy?

I’m looking for a way to split up state funded education into 3 sub-policies, but at the moment this doesn’t seem possible?

I think that being able to override other things about a policy other than its effects, like name and description and costs, would do equally well, but also don’t seem to be possible.

Will I just have to scrap this idea? It would be nice to be able to take existing systems and add more depth to them, but this seems to severely limit this as an option.

The easiest way I could imagine is working with three situations, with SituationA being weak, SituationB being the middle one and SituationC being the strongest. If you implement one of the three sub-policies, you get SituationA with a hint that you could get something stronger if you implement the other policies. Implementing a second sub-policy, you will trigger SituationB, which cancels the existing SituationA but has the same effects, only stronger. Once you implement all three policies, you get SituationC, which again kills off SituationB and takes over, being the strongest of the three.

It’s not a very smooth way, but the only one I can think of to get a kind of “Level”-System into the game

Sorry, I possibly wasn’t clear. It’s not about levels, but about strands. E.g. in this case, have three policies, one for teacher training, one for school infrastructure and one for teacher pay. So you can choose which bits you fund at what level, rather just paying 60 billion for schools in general. This then allows for more complex and interesting choices.