Things were starting to go well for my band, and the time came that they demanded a rider. So I bought the cheap one, then later, the luxery one. But now they are demanding a rider again! Every day, “how about a rider?”.

You need to keep the cheap rider :wink:

OOoh i see. Okay, thanks :slight_smile:

yeah, but then the band complains about the food. I’m guessing this is an unrepaired bug?

I thought this had been fixed? a while ago as I recall. What version do you have that still has this going on?

I’m having the same problem and I just downloaded the game two days ago.

The cheap rider works, but one of my band members was complaing about cheap food… so I changed to the luxury, but now they say there’s no rider at all. Happened on two different games. If there’s a patch for this I would love to have it!

Sorry, I never did come back to this board once someone told me to keep them both. I have version 1.16a.

ya… keeping both worked for me too… if that helps