Russia for a next update

Hello community! For a next update I would like to see Russia because it is a big country, spanning 2 continents, with a very intricate history. For the electorate classes I would say that membership of socialists is low precisely for Russian history, high membership of patriots, membership of religious media, ect …

If you have something to tell me go ahead, Cliff too :slight_smile:

See you later!!!

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Let’s see, why Russia and not Brazil to add, for example?

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Or India perhaps. It has merit being the largest democratic nation.

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because it is a superpower

I mean… if you saw the previous posts about Brazil, they’re a superpower too. :supervillain:

Yes but Russia is bigger and more powerful as a superpower than Brazil. There have also been problems with America and recently with the UK

Considering the Russian culture that might be interesting, okay I’m convinced! But Cliff needs time to add countries.

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I’m glad he convinced you! Cliff has plenty of time to think and implement it if he wants! :slight_smile: