Save game location

It would be nice if I could somehow configure Production Line to save my game to a different location. I’ve been playing it on my lunch break at work, but due to some policies I have no control over, my My Documents folder, and therefore my My Games folder are on a network share. I’ve noticed significantly slower loading/saving times with Production Line in this environment. My work computer is actually faster than my computer at home, but saves are significantly faster at home on my SSD. If I could set PL to save to my local SSD on my work computer, I think it would significantly decrease save times. Since it’s an enterprise environment, I can’t force my documents to a different path. I tried creating a symbolic link, but that doesn’t work with UNC paths. For now, I just have to wait 5-20 seconds each time it auto saves. That might be another configuration tweak, being able to specify how frequent auto save triggers.