Save / load bug (Failure to find Save/Load ID)

This is a bug.
It’s been found and will be fixed in an upcoming patch.

What causes it:

Albums (CS’s) aren’t ‘cleaned up’ properly. So if you are playing a game and you have an album released, and then you start a new game or laod in another one, the existing album ‘dangles’ and if you save the game at that point, the old album from the previous game gets put in the save game and corrupts it.

How to avoid it:

If you have an album released in your current game, and want to start a new game / laod an older one, quit the program and restart first.

How to fix it: (advanced)

Open up the save game (its a text file in mydocuments\kudosrocklegend\savegames) and search using notepad till you find <albums>. there will be one or more chunks of text inside <album> tags. If one of them has any entries for <SLID> that is really high (over 1,000), that album is corrupt. Just delete that whole section (enclosed in  <album> </album>) and it will load fine. Unless you know what you are doing don't try it, you can email me and I'll do it.


Sorry to hijack your thread :unamused:

Saved game didn’t load right.
Lost 2 CDs … only had 3 tho
Lost All Staff
Lost expensive rider
Lost All scenery/effects
Able to buy/hire them all again but I think my money has dropped too … can’t be sure tho.
Using Version 1 0 3

Game closed, PC switched off for about 12 hours while at work.

[edit]Nearly forgot …
All band members instruments gone back to default/cheapo.
Grrrrrrrrr !!!

Hmmm, very strange. can you email me the saved game?

Sorry I can’t. Started a new game. But that saved/loaded fine :laughing: :smiley: