[Scenario] WIP: USA Covid Scenario

Greetings folks!

I’m starting a new, small collective (containing just me and my mumbling to myself) called Lion Productions (original, I knooow!) and I am dedicated to creating some interesting, truth-bound scenario’s.

Up on my plate first is what some might see as a little bit soon, but I intend to bring a fully encompassing Covid catastrophe to Democracy 4, which thrusts you into the shoes of the Presidency of the United States. Arguably one of the more difficult scenario’s I’ll be making. That said, I’m not ruling out scenario’s of other countries down the line as a “series”.

That in mind, this is a fully new scenario, and will play as such. New artwork (albeit found on Google), new simulations, events, and even extremist groups seeking to overthrow you for obviously trying to prevent people dying (Welcome to the death of the age of reason).

I’ll be posting in this topic as development progresses, right now I’m largely in a researching and mild tinkering phase to find what works best for me to edit swiftly.

Let me know what kind of suggestions you have, or things you’d like to see for realism. Hell, I’ll even probably throw in some gimmicks for sheer humor value.

Trello link to follow to grant a better insight of development, and a posted submission coming soon.

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