ship visual components don't display correctly

So in an attempt to “fix” the carrier bay outside ship hull bug, I tried to attach a “hangar” to the side of my carrier, like so:

unfortunately, that ran me into another bug, where the hangar module displays like this

not sure how to reproduce that, but its something to look into

can you email me (or post here) the ship design text file for that ship? You will find it in \my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles 2 \ships.

Also…if you go back into the ship editor to edit the ship, does it still look like that? or does it look fixed?

bah, I have since then changed the ship file :stuck_out_tongue:

but it looks fixed everywhere (on the ship design screen, the silhouette on the deploy screen, etc etc), it just looks like that in battle

interesting. If it happens again, could you send me the file. I can’t reproduce this :frowning: