Should this be viable?

This is how I currently start my games: Get every available loan, then one or two more as they appear, depending on how much I’ve been able to borrow. Once I’ve got the first three loans, I spam research offices (about 30) and research all the advanced slots. As the research completes, I build an initial line that caps out the available importer capacity for the first room.

Does this mean loans are overpowered? Are research offices/research in general overpowered? Should this be doable or is it just an interesting and different way to start a new map?

Very interesting. I do wonder if
a) Research needs to be slower and
b) Maybe the rate of each loan should go up if you already have other loans not paid back?

Or maybe the loans should be collateralised, at least in part, based on the value of the business. That value could be the sum total of all the items you’ve already placed. Possibly included could be the value of all the components/cars you have on the factory floor, plus the value of any unsold stock.

Edit: I’m not saying being able to play this way is even a bad thing, more just wondering if it’s seen as overpowered/exploitative.

I’ve only played for about a week, so take that into consideration when evaluating my opinion…

I feel like this may be possible/attractive as a startegy due to a symptom of the way car values work…

Right now any new features you research for a car get a bonus 50%? (correct me if i’m wrong) value, in addition to the premium(which you can also set higher due to having unique features) for being the first to research them.
depending on the tech in question that can be upto an additional 3-4K(highest i’ve gotten so far anyway) premium per car.

altering the value of the features (which i think Cliffski, you mentioned being intended at some point? please correct me if i misunderstood) so that they are less frontloaded with their benefits and pay off more long term may just change the viability of this by itself.

a realistic way to implement loan is to pin the loan capital cap to (current factory value + (current production rate * loan duration * market value) * adjustment factor) so that bank don’t invest money in overexposed companies (as it should, albeit the actual formula can get way more complicated) with interest rate depending on ((current loan value/total asset value)*adjustment factor)

Hi, this should already be the case (loan sizes depend on your business size), although its pretty loose. Right now loans vary at between 25% and 75% of the estimated value of your company (your bank balance plus all existing assets and stock).

What I’m not doing is taking into account existing loans as a detr9iment to that when I adjust the size (or indeed the interest rate) on other loans, which I will do…