Side effect mysteriously disappears

One of the side effects in my drug is disappearing after passing through the agglomerator and I don’t know why. I believe it’s a bug.

Drug before going through agglomerator. See red arrow:

Drug after. Notice how the bottom side effect disappeared:

The agglomerator in question turns the “soothes cold symptoms” effect into the “antibiotic” one.

Ingredients used. The Polymerised Dilicate is set as the base ingredient in the mixer:

In case it helps: I’m trying to make a medication that combines the “alleviates insomnia” and “antibiotic” effects, as per the requirements shown here:

side effects can be removed in some cases.

“Causes fatigue” is removed when passed into agglomerator when concentration is between 0 and 5.
You had concentration=5 - it was removed.

Interesting. I didn’t know you were able to remove side effects besides substituting it with another effect via the multimixer! How do I know which concentration a side effect is removed at?

Hovering over a side effect will show the concentration range and machine needed to remove it. Much in the same way that hovering over a cure will show the conditions for upgrading it.

Note that not all side effects can be removed. If it can not, the hover-over will say “cannot be removed”.
I believe this is in tutorial 2 or 3.

Maybe the Tutorials don’t actually show removing side effects, but they do show the hover-over fro upgrading cures (which is similar).

Tutorial #3 appears to be broken for me (doesn’t advance when I purchase factory plot).