Side-impact airbags. Where should they go?

I am thinking about where to add ‘side impact airbags’ on the production line. Door panels are already kinda a bottleneck, so I was thinking about fit rollcage? It sort of makes sense, and spreads out the upgrades quite nicely. Any thoughts?

Sounds idd more logic when they are beign added on the rollcage. Mostely sideskirt airbags are placed in between the doors en windows so.

That would be fine, but I do have a thought. You don’t have to balance every single station. You could intentionally make door panels a bottleneck so we need to split the line and have two of them. I do that with paint dryers already when I don’t have them all upgraded. The line goes from 1 to 2 then back to 1.

This ^

I would add it to the Fit Interior

I like where the side airbags are right now. They make sense.