Social media Help (The media thread!)

Hey all!
I post articles about Production Lines development occasionally to N4G: (example): … cial-model

(Which you need an account to upvote a story in, but those accounts are free)
And also to reddit on the productionline subreddit:

And obviously also on facebook:

Its REALLY HARD getting the game noticed out there, so any help that keen players of the game could provide would be really appreciated. Its amazing how much difference it makes when just a handful of players upvote a youtube video, a reddit post, a facebook post, or retweet something about the game.
And it goes without saying that we really appreciate it when people review our game on steam:

(or at a site like metacritic).
Thanks :smiley:

This game deserves to be noticed :slight_smile:

Maybe you should contact Introversion (The guys behind Prison Architect). They basically invented the way early access works nowdays. You - as a british developer-, probably knows them, or have the power to contact them. Those guys a very supportive about other early access projects. One tweet from them, will lead to a lot of people! Or maybe they have another cleaver marketing idea.

Oh I know them well :smiley: We have already tweeted about each others stuff I think :smiley: