Some additional cures and side effects.

I’m not sure there’s still room for this sort of thing, but here goes:

A new cure tree:
Stimulants: Energy Boost, Withdrawal Relief, Narcolepsy Aid.

For the Liver tree: Hepatitis Treatment

For Skin: Remove Scar Tissue

Side Effects:
Sexual Side Effects, Blemishes, Hair Loss, Increases Stroke Risk, Chest Pain, Cancer, Nerve Damage, Increased Appetite, Liver Damage, Addiction, Difficulty Focusing, and Mild Death.

What even is “sexual side effects”? :stuck_out_tongue:

Addiction sounds pretty evil, since if it actually works you could drive up demand for drugs using it. You could even make money off of a sugar pill if it was addictive. XD Maybe legal ramifications could come in to play there and you could need regulatory connections to make it work? IDK

Mild Death? What’s mild about it? Do 0.5 people die every time a “Mild Death” occurs? :wink:

Mild death pops up in real medical advertizements from time to time; nobody seems to know what it actually is. Maybe it’s a near-death experience. Sexual Side Effects drives up demand for Alleviates Erectile Disfunction…

I imagine Addiction on the one hand increases the length of time people take the drug but on the other reduces the number of people who start taking it, resulting in a net negative.