Some way to start the game over entirely from scratch?

So I’d really like to go back and play everything over from the beginning (unlocking all the modules, ships, etc). Is there a way to do this? Can I create a 2nd profile or something? Or do I have to uninstall and reinstall?

Please note: I have the Steam version so I’m not sure how their cloud will complicate matters.



Hello! Being that you come to this game via Steam, I’m very surprised that you didn’t ask there first. Those guys should be your first go-to group to consult on Steam-only issues. I happen to have been here a long time, but as a non-Steam user I have no idea what the answer to your question might be.

The answer you seek may exist on the Positech forums as well, but you’re probably better off using this forum’s built-in search engine in detail than waiting for someone in-the-know to specifically reply to this kind of Steam-centric query. Be sure to sift though our extensive Support sub-forum as your first target. Best of luck to you.

I did. That forum seems pretty slow these days, so I just thought I should cover my bases.

Thanks for the search tip though.

Find userdir/GratuitousSpaceBattles (where this is depending on how you install it).
Move everything inside into a new folder (name it backup).
Run the game.
If everything works fine, you can delete the backup folder.

Sweet! That did the trick. Thanks!