something different


hello kudos players,
here is some moding - it is not for all (i feel that most of “modern” americans have BIG prejudices so don’t use it if you are the ones - PEACE AND LOVE!)

please post here what you think about, your changes (cost/effects modifications). i would like to make it better and more real but i really don’t know all the flags and so on…

if this will not be banned, i will continue (some good accessories for smokers for example)

if here is someone with similar interests, we can change some mods

p.s.: i KNOW that it’s not possible to achieve these jobs normally but i let it because of testing. it will be achievable with right contact only in the final modification.

so here it is…

jobs.csv add

name = Drugdealer1
guiname = Street Drug Dealer
maledesc = Street Drug Dealer
femaledesc = Street Drug Dealer
employer = Tijuana Bros.
workplace = streets
industry = crapjobs
minsalary = 32400
maxsalary = 42800
tips =
locked = 0
rarity = 1
sociability = 0.75
socialkudos = 0.1
promote0 = peopleskills
promote1 = happiness
promote2 = _energy
commutedistance = 0.1
duration = -1


0 = tiredness,0.21,_TIRED_DEGRADE
1 = stress,0.41,_STRESS_DEGRADE
2 = peopleskills,0.03,_JOBXP_DEGRADE
3 = alcohol,0.03,_JOBXP_DEGRADE

jobs.csv add

name = Drugdealer2
guiname = Dope Grower
maledesc = Dope Grower
femaledesc = Dope Grower
employer = None
workplace = Home
industry = crapjobs
minsalary = 36000
maxsalary = 60000
tips =
locked = 0
rarity = 1
sociability = 0.5
socialkudos = 0.1
promote0 = happiness
promote1 = iq
promote2 = confidence
commutedistance = 0.1
duration = -1

0 = iq,0.40

0 = tiredness,0.01,_TIRED_DEGRADE
1 = stress,0.05,_STRESS_DEGRADE
2 = peopleskills,0.03,_JOBXP_DEGRADE
3 = happiness,0.05,_JOBXP_DEGRADE

interests.csv add

#,dopesmoking,Dope Smoking,0.5,MEDIUM,MEDIUM,conversation

solo_activities.csv add

#,dopealone,Smoking dope alone,“Get good green medicine by your own”,0,default,0,0,7,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,#,“stress,-0.3,_STRESS_DEGRADE”,“iq,0.04,0.5”,“loneliness,0.1,0.5”,“happiness,0.1,0.5”,“boredom,-0.2,0.5”,“culture,0.03,_CULTURE_DEGRADE”,#
#,psychalone,Psychedelics alone,“Gonna explore the mind”,0,default,0,0,20,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,#,“iq,0.1,0.8”,“boredom,-0.4,0.9”,“culture,0.06,_CULTURE_DEGRADE”,“tiredness,0.2,0.5”,#,"_energy,0.4"

social_events.csv add

#,NORMAL,dopefriends,Smoking with friends,Invite some friends to smoke and chat,SOCFLAG_HOMEBASED,"_random,1.0",“Sisters and brothers, gunjah is calling!”,20,7,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,-1,#,“conversation,0.5”,“culture,0.3”,“music,0.5”,“psychedelics,0.3”,“dopesmoking,0.8”,#,“stress,-0.3,0.4”,“tiredness,0.1,0.5”,“loneliness,-0.4,0.5”,“iq,0.04,0.5”,“happiness,0.2,0.5”,“boredom,-0.4,0.5”,“culture,0.03,_CULTURE_DEGRADE”,#
#,NORMAL,psychfriends,Psychedelics,“Let’s tripping!”,SOCFLAG_HOMEBASED,"_random,1.0",“Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out!”,50,12,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,-1,#,“culture,0.5”,“music,0.5”,“psychedelics,0.8”,#,“iq,0.1,_IQ_DEGRADE”,“tiredness,0.4,0.5”,“happiness,0.2,0.5”,“boredom,-0.4,0.9”,“culture,0.08,_CULTURE_DEGRADE”,#,"_energy,0.4"


I love it! I can’t wait to try it out


I tried this mod, and it locked my culture and IQ at their starting points…nothing would raise no matter what i did…


That’s what dope does to the brain, so I’m told. Never touch the stuff.

Looks like you’ll have to go into rehab, HamBiscuit

PeeBee Drug Dealer 2 … employer = self ??


ROFL! Great one rocky. Question is… was this done in the jobs on purpose or was it a fluke. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m gonan have to take a peek.