My mod: new industries, skills and lots of jobs


here are the current main points of my mod (based of kudos v1.21):

  1. reduced the degrading effects, maybe to much - i need feedback
    2.several new industries prepared: look at jobboard
    3 .the Ecclesiastical industry (weird word … / iam not a native English speaker) is complete with jobs from the acolyte up to the pontifex
  2. some legal and less legal jobs in security field (unfortunately that locked setting didnt work for me - so you can see those most elite jobs there too)
  3. in adult-school a dozen of the most spoken language added (will be used later for the embassy type jobs)
  4. in law school are the courses for most of the church type jobs.
  5. a few new solo social activities
  6. two new websites
  7. lots of new skills and a few new attributes - all made looking nice in strings.ini (i hope)
  8. removed the call on the gameconsole for that minigame (sorry cliffski - that game ran that fast on my comp - sometimes i couldnt even match one line !) - maybe i should do a copy without the call…
  9. changed max range of transit types. Added 3 new transit types for increased range. (your own car has 150, taxi (100) rail(200) helo(450))
    12.added 2 events - although one wont work as intended, since i dont know how an event can reduce your amount of money.

to do:
-the other jobs in the industries
-further rebalancing (…bicycle and dog → and my fitness was always 100%)

-taking your feedback to good use–<<
->hacking the gui that some text information fits nice (unfortunately i cant do that)

and here the file for the brave ones :
copy that line into a new browser tab and it will download (the link from forum seems to be broken)

although it does work for me make a backup just in case

have fun and please give me your feedback, errors found (+ spelling errors), cookies, and suggestions.

Happy new year :smiley:


mod version 2 :

  1. a)added the business / management style jobs (24) with the corresponding study field in the law college (a few of them are slightly cross-skill like the R&D manager , the CIO , CFO and CEO)
    Be prepared to pay top cash to get to it :laughing:
    The tips of these jobs are like variable income - don’t take everything literally.

1.b)and a cross skill job Treasurer of a church in that eccles…(have to find other word for it)

2.added a designer laptop to waste your hard earned money on : beware - if you want only to use the expensive laptop sell your old one first ! else you can not surf the web.

  1. added luxury furniture that gives you a small daily happiness boost at a erm… not-so-small cost.

  2. added a luxury car for that real confidence boost, and lots of cash - unfortunately it cant be used to commute (it looks to be hardcoded to specific items) - but then its just to show your status :smiley:

  3. tweaked the variables at end of config.txt that should allow a faster degrading of attributes - also added a _DISBELIEF variable if you like to tweak your faith gains and losses

  4. shortened the description of the business studies just to business with roman number - is only visible if you start a new game (unless there is another way of reinitializing the gui)

7: credit to sarah for that confidence mirror dance idea - can i use that like it is now ?
credit to cliffski for the renamed bmp. files i used for the new industries/jobs
and the base of all the included files (since i don’t know other way of releasing - hope you don’t mind it)

  1. compatibility : mod 1 - saves will work - although the few changed names in strings.ini will not be used.

  2. LINK: (copy and paste into other browser window) (223kb)

  3. have fun !


oops there is one little bug in \jobs\Business_S6.txt

under [effects]

change the weird looking line with the index number 5 to :

5 = culture,0.01,_JOBXP_DEGRADE

or whatever you desire :smiley:

Hey there :slight_smile:

This might be a bigger request than I think, so I appologize if it would be a bother or offensive.

I haven’t been able to get your mod to work in my game for various reasons (mostly because I bought an unpatchable version), but going through the files, I think it looks very interesting!! Especially the languages and jobs, because I find the game to be very lacking with some of its options.

I was hoping you might offer up variations on this mod, or to post them on the forum in a way that people can pick and choose aspects of it. Such as, being able to get just the additional jobs. Personally, I don’t like the religious aspect at all, but I thought the legal status aspect could be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, trying to change it myself has only resulted in a disaster so far LOL

:slight_smile: As I said, if it would be a pain, don’t worry about it. I just thought it would be nice to get those new jobs and assets and such. Thanks for your time.


sorry but i wont do different version - but you can eliminate some aspects you don’t like by yourself and add your own to it !

i use CSVED to edit things fast ( )

if you want to remove the whole church-career then deleting the line with “ecclesiastical” in industries.csv should do it
and also the last 3 line in attributes.csv

and the 6 LAW entries beginning with “ecclaw1” in hook_eveningclasses.csv

maybe you want to delete the bible book or the very very evil web link hehe
(i just wanted to make something unusual - i hope i did not offend someone)

unfortunately the game is not that modular to mod - especially if you have jobs that needs special skills that you sometimes can get only with new activities and for these categories (jobs , skills, activities) is just one file that contains em all - but then a simple cut or append operation (if you know all the dependencies) does the job :smiley:

have fun !