First mod

Well, I played the demo non-stop for about 3 days then bought the game and already im coming up with ideas for mods. So heres my first attempt up for critique:

name = juniorprogrammer
guiname = Junior Programmer
desc_male = Junior Programmer
desc_female = Junior Programmer
employer = Bitez International
workplace = office 
industry = science
minsalary = 12400
maxsalary = 18800
tips = 
locked = 0
rarity = 0.25
sociability = 0.15
socialkudos = 0.1
promote0 = iq
promote1 = iq
promote2 = confidence
commutedistance = 3.8
duration = -1

0 = basic_itskills,0.88
1 = iq,0.28

0 = basic_itskills,1.0
1 = tiredness,0.20,_TIRED_DEGRADE
2 = stress,0.25,_STRESS_DEGRADE

BTW CliffSki, Kudos on a great game :laughing:
(sorry, terrible pun I know)

this could be cool. I do have plans to introduce a whole new IT career. maybe… at some point… I knocked up a new animated background that looked like that ‘matrix’ green numbers effect, but I thought it looked a bit annoying :smiley:.

Cool, I was planning on working on a whole host of IT careers as its the only real profession I know. Guess now I just have to wait for the official stuff :laughing:

As to the matrix background, sounds good, but not sure i’d want to play the game for any length of time with it running behind my avatar

yeah thats exactly what I realised :smiley: