Stupidly big screenshot time

This was taken at 55FPS on my i7 3770 8GB RAM windows 7 64 bit with geforce GTX 670.

I like that shield effect
do i presume correctly when i say that the ‘design’ inside it can be changed (from pentagons to triangles or squares etc.)

I think at the moment it’s fixed but I do plan to vary it at some point.

I noticed a curiosity… the ships appear fuzzy while other aspects like the beams, con trails, and interface graphics, all look very crisp. Is that due to the use of a depth of field setting?

( I definitely need new monitors to enjoy the full beauty of this game!)

There is a bloom effect in some battles which does that, but if you prefer a ‘flatter’ colored look, you can disable it entirely, or adjust it using [ and ] in-battle as hotkeys :smiley:

loving the beam graphics, nice work. just wondering - and this may be horribly off topic - but the coloured square pattern that all the customised ships seem to have as a texture - are there other pattern options?

Same here Id like some more paint pattern options myself. I do like the checkerboard but more is better.
Lozenge (diamond shape) overlapping pattern, like a harlequin.
Some paint pattern looking like 2-tone partly overlapping triangles.
Racing stripes that meet at the nose, and spread to the sides the farther back u go from the front of hull? Id like that as well.
I want to make my starships look cool without taking all day long to do it.
Cant hardly wait to buy this game soon and see for meself!
Cheers, everyone

Stupid question: Is that difficult to add some kind of “free shape” that recolour what is below? (Could allow player to have any pattern, no?)