[Suggestion] Ask Player to Confirm before Leaving a Game

Please ask player to confirm before leaving a game. Accidentally leaving a game could very frustrating, especially when there is no auto-save feature.

Happened to me too, please add a confirmation message


I’d rather have an auto save feature that has some options (frequency, amount of autosave slots).

I’m guessing the Save warning might be in the works, given the # requests for it (here and elsewhere),

In the meantime a simple hack/fix is to put a line like this in strings-en.data in a MOD:

{"code":"leavegame","text":"LEAVE GAME-Did u Save?"},

You could even add this to another MOD if you have one. - I checked it, it’ll show on the "Leave Game’ Dialogue.
Not what you wanted, but at least it would remind you.

On the Auto-save, I like that option but wonder how he’ll implement it. There is no concept of save versioning (AFAIK).
Sure, the game prompts you with incremental number suffix on a title, but it doesn’t really know that GAMETITLE1 is a version of GAMETITLE2.
I’m sure Tim could figure it out - if this will be implemented.

Heh, co-incidentally before seeing this I reported this as a bug. The load game function does it, so I figured the leave game button is probably meant to do it too.

Just saw Tim(Dev) Twitch broadcast on TerraTechGame - he confirmed the AutoSave is main thing in - work b/c so many people asked for it.