suggestion : Confused by "playback" term

From reading the blog, I thought that the whole battle was computed before being displayed. And then the player could play it forward, backward, jump to a further section… Which would have made it very easy to deeply study the result of one battle. (Which explains why we can’t give orders)

But apparently, the battle is being computed while we are watching it. So I gues that it would be a big task to implement that type of feature now. However, it would still be good to be able to watch again a battle (simply because you look at everything at the same time). I have noticed that with the same deployment, 2 battles are not the same. A poor man’s way to implement that “replay” feature would be to keep in memory the initial seed used by random generator at the beginning of the fight, and reinject it when someone whishes to replay the exact same fight (I want to know what happend to that damned ship !).

But this would require that there is no “random leak” (a number provided by the RNG taken by other GSB tasks which are not linked to the battle).

It would be nice if the battles were entirely repeatable. Not a vital feature for me, but it would make single-ship testing easier.

I wonder if a 1v1 mode would be fun… Hmm, time to consider some challenges along that line.

The game does do this, but it’s a total pain, because there so many issues related to variable frame rates. The game could have been designed with this in mind at the start, and a lot of the maths would have been computed very differently, but sadly it wasn’t :frowning:
At some point, I decided that it was best to make the game as good as it could be without worrying about perfect reproducibility. If I did GSB 2, I would definitely design the basic code that way from the start.
This is what happens when a games design morphs and changes organically as you work on it I guess…

Well, I don’t think that it is time to speak of GSB2 yet…

Lets make full potential of that one first !!