Suggestion: Country specific modifiers

I commented about this on the latest dev diary on YouTube but I’ll reiterate and expand on it here. All countries should perhaps have historical modifiers because often it’s not just policy but culture and history that makes a country unique.

I think Germany should have a similar modifier for anti-extremism consensus politics due to their past (Nazism/East Germany etc.). There’s a specific word for this “Vergangenheitsbewältigung” or sometimes “Vergangenheitsaufarbeitung” essentially means Germany struggle to work through and remember its past. (perhaps a bonus against polarisation?)
Other countries like the UK where I’m from could have similar - post-imperialism idea maybe. US having frontier spirit as previously suggested I think gives this precedent for other nations too.

Of course all these should be changeable modifiers cultural moments can pass and be overturned too, I still think that nations should be sandboxy but be given this unique flavour too. Thanks again for creating a fantastic game which I’ve enjoyed and recommended too!


Indeed, I believe this is further drilled into their style of education although I may be wrong.

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Definitely is there’s a focus on anti-extremist education like you say especially school trips to local historical sites. I think they’re just much more open about confronting the roots of historical tragedy.

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