[Suggestion] Deployment Orders Layout

In the Thread http://positech.co.uk/forums/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=2817&p=14172&hilit=deployment+orders#p14172 started by Luggage, the idea was shown of listing Orders down the left side.

Following on from this Thread and mock-up, I’ve put forward another variation of the same basic concept, in an effort of streamline the Deployment of Ships and subsequent issuing of Orders.

The Orders that have the +/- icons once in use and setup, would show a summary of the Order when expanded, but would still trigger the Pop-up to allow detailed setup of the Order when clicked.

Clicking on an Order would trigger an Informational Pop-up, but won’t automatically set the Order as Set (Ticked). Clicking on the Tickbox either Adds/Removes the Order to the currently highlighted ship(s).


Interesting suggestion. Faster to use on high resolutions. But is a scrollbar fest on lower resolutions. Try 1024x768. The three attack orders, plus three single row orders fit. The remainder are pushed off the edge and require use of the scrollbar. The addition of new orders in later game versions will make this problem worse.

Good point, I had wondered if that would be the case, although I estimate at 1024x768; that when the three top Orders are reduced to Title only, about 10 Orders would display before the scrollbar would need to be clicked on.

A possible solution to that might be to also implement a form of Order ordering based on Use, much the same as the Windows Start menu shows the list of most used programs. This also would be a way to personalize the game in a small way.