Suggestion: Dismissal of potential ministers

I am once again in a position where my greatest obstacle is the ministers. This is basically the norm if I survive the first election. Although ministers are usually the biggest reason I lose the first election.

My foreign policy minister is stuck at 56% effective, and no longer growing, therefore it’s time for a replacement. I have a problem here, as of all the minister candidates only 2 want the foreign policy job, one of whom is loyal to trade unions, who hate me, and the other is loyal to the middle class, who are impossible to please in this game. Seriously, short of canceling income tax and ushering in a debt crisis, there is no pleasing the middle class. As such my hands are just tied, and I’m saddled with an incompetent minister who I can’t do anything about…again.

Hence my suggestion. Maybe it should cost political capital, and even upset the current cabinet, but I should be able to cycle these potential ministers.

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Young Politics Council could add some totally inexperienced, randomised ministers to the pool perhaps, in order to tether to the game?